Versatile entertainment freelancer Anton Kettunen A.K.A. ANTHUAN is an actor and singer-songwriter.

Anton pushed himself from Finland to the U.S. He writes about his personal life as an artist and social issues.

He is an international award-winning actor. He has worked in multiple T.V. series’, films and commercials all throughout Finland and the U.S.

Anton Kettunen A.K.A. Anthuan is a singer-songwriter, whose lyrics emerge deep from his heart. Melodic hip-hop - performer Anthuan delivers his lyrics sharply, however, still maintaining true to his character.

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Constantly transforming and with a strong output, Anton has a burning passion for acting. He has deepened his professional skills at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory, studying a variety of acting techniques. 

Anton has received several awards at Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV for his role in the film, STAY SANE. 






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